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gina chavez
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zapotec wool rug phases of the
Rich colors obtained from natural dyes underscore the aesthetic minimalism of this Zapotec rug. Mario Chavez weaves wool on a traditional loom masterfully evoking pre-Hispanic motifs. I was inspired by the phases of the moon when I designed this rug, confides Chavez. details
ornaments flowers set of 5
Alejandro Chavez celebrates the birth of Jesus with five alluring ornaments. Shepherds and cows surround the Holy Family, their images finely detailed with colorful paints. They stand at the heart of exuberant floral medallions. details
wool rug zapotec window 2x3
A work of splendid elegance, this wool rug celebrates the art of the Zapotec people. Mario Chavez weaves a magnificent piece as he works on a traditional pedal loom with threads previously dyed with natural colorants. details
wool rug hypnotic cacti 25x5
Mario Chavez conjures a hypnotic fantasy featuring colorful maguey cacti arranged in running diagonals. He looms the wool rug on a traditional loom, obtaining colors from natural dyes to obtain this spectacular effect. details
ornaments nativity set of 4
The nativity is imbued with the strength of Andean traditions in this set of four Christmas tree ornaments. Alejandro Chavez handcrafts four versions including a retablo inspired by classic altarpieces, and a chullo, a Peruvian hat traditionally worn by children. A house and a hut complement the set and each features a detailed characterization of the Holy Family. details
nativity scene caring for baby
Alejandro Chavez creates a scene of solemn devotion and faith with this retablo piece. Crafted by hand with admirable expertise, the retablo features Joseph, Mary and the Three Wise Men, who have come to adore the baby Jesus. details
retablo chapel of huamanga
The energy of the land emanates from this expression of Peruvian folk art, while a divine scene above sanctifies the labors of rural Peru. Known as a retablo, this piece reflects the passion and talent of Alejandro Chavez. He crafts the frame by hand, creating shelves to display his tiny ceramic figures painted to joyous perfection. details
mirror jesus in ayacucho
Jesus birth is celebrated in Ayacucho with a feast of color in this mirror frame fashioned after a traditional retablo. Once an exclusively religious art form, it has adapted to express Peruvian custom. Alejandro Chavez handcrafts this piece from wood and fills it with a variety of personages, each individually defined and detailed. details
nativity scene blessed are those
Huddled together inside an Andean hut, the Holy Family welcomes the Three Wise Men in an endearing nativity scene by Alejandro Chavez. Each figurine is crafted of plaster of Paris, hand-painted to vivid realism. This work represents the blessed welcome of Baby Jesus, the passion and the love towards the world's redeemer, explains the artist. details
ornaments retablos set of 5
An original set of Christmas ornaments, these tiny retablos celebrate the birth of Jesus. Retablos were originally intended as altar pieces featuring different scenes from the Bible. Alejandro Chavez handcrafts the miniature nativity scenes from plaster of Paris. Each character is shaped and painted individually and painted with bright hues. details
retablo chapel of santa ana
Colorful doors open on to the Chapel of Santa Ana, where expressive figures celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Alejandro Chavez portrays his characters in traditional Andean attire, as a sense of divine luminosity gracefully descends upon the scene. This form of Peruvian folk art is known as the retablo, especially characteristic of the Ayacucho region. The wooden frame is crafted by hand, while the artisan fills the shelves with tiny ceramic figures painted to joyous perfection. details
zuni turquoise cluster oval clip
Zuni jewelry artisan Mary Ann Chavez has designed and handcrafted these elegant Zuni Turquoise Cluster Oval Clip Earrings. The cluster work motif—bezel-set stones framing a larger center stone—is a design favored by Zuni artisans since the 1930s. Sterling silver settings and center bead. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. Naturally occurring turquoise variations assure each pair of earrings is one-of-a-kind. details
photo frame tuna harvest 4x6
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retablo jesus spoke of peace
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retablo crucifixion
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painted wood retablo chapel of
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painted wood retablo birth in
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painted wood retablo bethlehem in
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ceramic retablo sculpture birth
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zapotec wool cushion covers
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mirror little carnaval
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night ranger
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painted wood retablo cross of
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ornaments huts set of 5
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retablo epiphany
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the piano guys
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