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cressi tropical
Cressi Tropical Gloves offerightweight protection, nonslip grip, and extremely soft feel thatets you interact with the underwater world. These 5-finger Cressi dive gloves are made from single-lined, high-stretch neoprene. The 2.5mm thickness offe. details
cressi pro light
Perfect for beginners and professional divers alike, the advanced Cressi Proight Fins offer both superior reaction time and a formidable thrust. details
cressi palau bag snorkeling
Make the most of your time in the water with the Palau Bag Snorkeling Set from Cressi. The set includes 2 Palau fins, 1 Onda mask, and 1 Gamma snorkel neatly packaged in a reusable carrying bag. details
cressi apache 45 spear
A great choice for the new spearfishing aficionado. The compact Cressi Apache 45 Spear Gun also makes a great backup piece or specialty gun for tight quarters. details
cressi minorca short boots for
Cressi Minorca Short Boots feature the most durable construction on the market for reliable, comfortable, wearing again and again. details