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harry potter
Light your way to magical adventure. The Harry Potter Lantern is the perfect tool for any nighttime adventure. There's no need to resort to casting a spell by whispering Lumos as long as you have this fun accessory to light your way. This plastic battery-operated toy lantern will illuminate your evenings as you venture into the Forbidden Forest or sneak down Knockturn Alley after dark. The lantern has an on off switch a metal handle and a handy hook on top to hang it or keep it out of reach of muggles. This costume accessory features a Harry Potter sticker on the front of the base and is embossed with the Hogwarts crest in its center. Standing at 6.5 tal [...]. details
harry potter malfoy39s
Slytherin's golden child is out for revenge and he has the perfect curse to cast. The Harry Potter Malfoy's Wand is the perfect way to show off the awesome power of the wizarding world. Forget about all those goody two shoes in Gryffindor. With Draco Malfoy's wand you ll have what it takes to be Slytherin's bad boy. Next time you run into Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley in a dark alley you ll be well-prepared with this trustworthy wand. Whether you re retrieving something with an Accio! spell or lighting your way with Lumos Maxima this is the wand you ll want to wield. Just try to be good and stay away from those Unforgivable Curses. The two-tone plastic [...]. details
diy luminous switch sticker home
You must be first attracted by this Cute DIY Luminous Switch Sticker Removable Glow In The Dark Wall Decal Home Decor, which will bring you much surprise and fun. Made of high quality PVC material, this sticker is environmental and non-toxic without any smell that you could trustingly use it in your home. Designed with various stylish patterns, this decoration sticker is very vivid and lively. It is an ideal decoration for your switch. What´s more, this sticker can be used for years without fading or peeling. details