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malian wood mask bobo ritual
A tall headdress stands erect like a comb above a solemn visage. Surrounding the forehead, a wide headband bears geometric motifs. This imposing mask by Samuel and Francis Agbetey has its origins with the Bobo tribe of western Burkina Faso and Mali. Used for rituals at family shrines, the antique style carving is adorned with jute and goat fur. details
gabonese africa wood mask harvest
Wearing a tall cap, this calm, slender visage breaks into a slow smile. Salihu Ibrahim transforms sese wood into an exquisite mask. Smooth contours take on deep earth hues, with fine motifs etched in regular patterns. Representative of the Fang people of Gabon, such masks are used at harvest rituals. details
copper mask sun ritual
Worn during sacred rituals, this Moche mask celebrates the sun's benevolence. Its five star crown was originally intended to resemble the sun's rays. Ana Maria Enciso handcrafts this mask in copper, soldiering embossed bronze motifs to replicate the masks found at Lambayeque. Enciso's keen eye for detail renders this mask spectacular
- ideal for the admirer of Peru's glorious past. details
sacred dance 2009
With measured steps, a man and woman move to the sound of an unseen gamelan orchestra. Curious birds watch the outdoor performance in this elegant painting. A couple is performing a sacred dance for a Hindu ritual, artist Made Surita explains. Usually, the gestures are not planned before but magically they can follow the traditional music beat. There are Hindu temples in the background and birds nearby that are looking for food from the offerings. The rituals are also meant for feeding creatures created by God. details
ghanaian wood mask guan rituals
Carved from seasoned sese wood, a mask takes shape in the hands of Frank Obiri-Ntow. He depicts a personage from the Guan people, one of Ghana's six main ethnic groups. Used during rituals, the piece is painted by hand with red detailing and receives applications of clay. details
quiksilver surf rituals
Bow down to the Quicksilver Men's Surf Rituals Short-Sleeve T-Shirt to make your worship of the mighty surfboard known to all that surround you. If it weren t for this acid washed cotton t-shirt, you might have to depend on social media to spread your love of surfing. Praise Quicksilver! For sacrificing their time to bring you this blessing. details
quiksilver surf rituals
Bow down to the Quicksilver Men's Surf Rituals Short-Sleeve T-Shirt to make your worship of the mighty surfboard known to all that surround you. If it weren t for this acid washed cotton t-shirt, you might have to depend on social media to spread your love of surfing. Praise Quicksilver! For sacrificing their time to bring you this blessing. details
quiksilver surf rituals
Bow down to the Quicksilver Men's Surf Rituals Short-Sleeve T-Shirt to make your worship of the mighty surfboard known to all that surround you. If it weren t for this acid washed cotton t-shirt, you might have to depend on social media to spread your love of surfing. Praise Quicksilver! For sacrificing their time to bring you this blessing. details
ghanaian wood mask densu priest
Embossed brass adorns the features of an imposing African mask. By Awudu Saaed, it depicts a fetish priest of the Densu River area in Ghana's Akan lowlands. There was once a lack of rainfall for a long period and the people became worried, he says. They called for a fetish priest who consulted the gods on behalf of the chiefs and people. He requested certain rituals, after which the heavens would open to give rain. The priest wore this mask to perform the rituals and, true to his word, it rained heavily on the third day. details
the catholic home celebrations
For centuries, the Catholic Church has offered an abundance of splendid traditions that extend religious and spiritual practice into daily life. Now, Meredith Gould reintroduces these customs and rituals to modern Roman Catholics. Using the liturgical calendar, The Catholic Home provides familiar and new ways to celebrate each season and its special days. Gould reviews major holy days, select saints’ days, familiar prayers, and suggests meaningful ways to prepare as a family for such sacraments as Baptism, Confirmation, First Eucharist, and Matrimony. This book includes a concise history of each ritual and clarifies the meaning behind it by highlight [...]. details
sculptures soaring spirits
Sacred messenger. Master of the skies. Enduring symbol of power and freedom. The mighty eagle has long inspired the ceremonial dances and rituals of traditional spirit seekers. Now, this Native American-style Soaring Spirits Sculpture Collection unites the dramatic eagle artwork of acclaimed artist Ted Blaylock with gallery-quality cold-cast bronze sculptures of ceremonial eagle dancers, starting with Issue One, Invoking The Guardian Spirits. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Seeking the Eagle's Vision, Issue Three, Dreams of Power and additional Ted Blaylock eagle art sculptures, each a separate issue to follow.‡Available only from [...]. details
8-day tour of cusco and environs -
Visit the most powerful locations in the Cusco area, ancient capital of the Inca Empire, participating in Andean ceremonies and rituals that will serve you on your journey through life as we learn the wisdom from the ancestors of the Andes, receiving the infinite blessings from the breath of Creation to bring new meaning and purpose into our lives as light beings as Cosmic seeds. details
croatia folklore
Journey to the village of Cilipi, where the rituals and traditions of the past have been carefully preserved, so that time is turned into one continuous celebration of culture. Shop for souvenirs at the stands of local craftsmen and attend mass at the village church. Be mesmerized by a colorful folk dance outside the church, where the steps have remained the same for generations. details
dan wood mask bold steps
Revealing the power of authentic and ancestral design, Eric Darko depicts a narrow male visage in sese wood. Vertical protrusions, or horns, elongate his expression and a small beard adorns the chin. A ceremonial mask, it is used in many of the rituals and celebrations of the Dan tribe from Cote d Ivoire. details
ivoirian wood mask peacemaker
This mask is a provider of peace, Robert Nortey says. Deftly carving sese wood, he depicts a solemn personage whose beard is touched with gray. The piece is representative of the Guro people of Cote d Ivoire. It is often worn during ceremonies, and is considered good for settling quarrels and resolving demonic rituals. details
ewe wood mask evil influence
A frightening face by Walter Kuma represents a force more powerful than evil. With its glaring eyes and halo of embossed spikes, the mask is used in Ewe ceremonies to exorcise harmful influences. Among this tribe from Ghana's Volta region, rituals are performed by a masked priest to drive off evil spirits. details
ivoirian wood mask senufo
By Godfred France, this beautiful mask is superbly carved by hand. He adorns the face with polished brass and pebbles, while beads of recycled glass add color to the design. An imposing headdress lends authority. This mask is used by the Senufo people of Cote d Ivoire during purification rituals of their chieftains thrones, the artisan says. details
ghanaian wood mask dzo head
Gleaming aluminum glows against the dusky earth tones of sese wood in an extraordinary mask by Victor Yao Delanyo. Crowned by horns, this figure represents a mask used by the people of Ghana's Volta region. Dzo signifies horn. The fetish priest wears such a mask when performing rituals. details
dipo match
Wearing flowers around their waists and necks, Odumase girls parade during the Dipo festival as their rite of passage into womanhood. They announce they are now of marrying age and seek to make a match. Attakora Yeboah portrays them with the characteristic shaved head and kente skirt, holding pots over their heads with medicinal plants used for the rituals. Painting with acrylics, Yeboah shares timeless Ghanaian customs through his unique impressionist style. details
bronze and copper wall sculpture
Today, hanging a tumi knife on the wall is believed to bring good luck. Centuries ago, the tumi was used for rituals during the Inti Raymi ceremonies in honor of the sun, after the maize harvest. Peru's Angel Franco works with galvanized bronze and copper to sculpt this replica with sublime detail. details
ewe wood mask protector from
The stern and ornate face of this sese wood mask personifies the protector of the Ewe people of Ghana. The local priest wears it as he performs the rituals that will protect the community from malevolent sorcerers. Kwame Frimpong details the mask with admirable expertise as he adorns it with embossed brass plates and copper accents. details
ceramic beaded jewelry set
The festive jewelry worn by Inca women to important ceremonies and rituals are Dina's source of inspiration. The necklace and earrings are crafted by hand with ceramic beads, some expertly painted with ancient glyphs. Sterling silver accents and hooks make for a stunning contrast. .925 Sterling silver. details
akan wood mask mother earth
Ernestina Oppong Asante presents a fascinating replica of the Asaase yaa mask, of the Akan people of Ghana. Meaning Mother Earth, Asaase yaa is said to rule all over Earth. She is always worshipped at important feasts and rituals, along with other Akan deities. details
opal dangle earrings inca tumi
The ceremonial customs of the Inca people inspire the design of these earrings by Patricia Jara. Working with sterling silver, she crafts detailed tumi knives, once reserved for rituals and now regarded as good luck talismans. Opal gems create a fabulous contrast with its verdant luminescence. .925 Sterling silver. details
ashanti wood mask come home
Millenary beliefs and customs inspire the work of master carver Robert Nortey. He draws inspiration from Ashanti traditions, who seek to communicate with lost relatives. The brafiey mask (meaning come home ) is worn during special ceremonies and rituals. Nortey carves a sese wood replica, which he adorns with admirable loyalty to Ashanti artistry. details
wood coaster set tree of life
Traditional folk art meets modern convenience in this coaster set from Poonam Sehrawat in India. The set of six wood coasters is hand-painted with an off-white tree motif on black in the style of the Warli art of Maharashtra. Warli paintings, which date back thousands of years, are symbolic in style and are typically created for rituals or special occasions. details
candle circle ii
Face illuminated by a bright candlelight, a young Buddhist monk performs Wian tian ( candle circle ) before the full moon rituals. Monks and congregation members walk three times in a clockwise direction around Uposatha Hall
- once for each of the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma (one's righteous duty), and the Sangha (the community). The charm, purity and innocence of little novices really inspire me, confides Jinapun. Titled Wian Tian II in Thai. details
copper and bronze pencil holder
The legendary ceremonial knife of the ancient Inca, the tumi, adorns a dramatic pen and pencil holder. Angel Franco works with bronze and copper, achieving bold contrasts of color and texture. The tumi was used for rituals during the Inti Raymi festivities honoring the sun after the maize harvest. Today, it is a symbol of Peru. details
jade dangle earrings dark beacon
To the ancient Maya, the jade found in Central America was a sacred stone. It symbolized health and good fortune, and was used in healing rituals. Estuardo Jimenez sets hemispheres of dark green jade in polished teardrops to craft these elegant earrings. I created this design to make you look beautiful and also to share a bit of Maya history with you, the Guatemalan artisan confides. .925 Sterling silver. details
ivoirian wood mask brave and
This face of solemn expression bears on its head the image of an elephant. For the Guro people of Cote d Ivoire, this mask signifies strength and bravery. Guro masks are emblems of the spirits living in the underworld, which they worship and celebrate during special rituals and festivities. Salihu Ibrahim uses manual tools to carve this sese wood mask with the detailed care that characterizes Guro artistry. details

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